Texas law requires that all teacher preparation programs provide a minimum of 300 hours of pedagogical training. Additionally, 30 hours of pre-internship observation hours are required.

The eTeach N Texas Alternative Certification Program includes seven online modules which are equivalent to 222 hours of instruction. A unique feature of the eTeach N Texas Alternative Certification Program is the face-to-face professional development training for "how to teach" a particular subject. For example, science teachers learn best practices to teach hands on science and social studies candidates learn strategies for how to make history come alive for students. Professional development is structured in week-long summer training and on one Saturday during each fall and spring semester. The online modules and professional development can be completed in as little as 6 months or may be structured over a one-year period. This pacing allows teacher candidates to move at their own pace while finishing this part of the training. Finally, a test review session is provided to help teacher candidates pull together what they have learned in a format which will enable them to pass the state pedagogy and professional responsibilities teacher testing requirement (TExES PPR).

In Texas, the field experience may occur as a year-long paid teaching internship where the candidate is hired as the teacher of record. The other option available is a 12-week clinical student teaching experience in which the teacher candidate learns "how to teach" under the guidance of a master teacher (this is an unpaid position). eTeach N Texas Alternative Certification Program personnel will place teacher candidates in partner school districts which participate in the clinical student teaching experience. Depending on the candidate's needs and preferences, either of these options is available for completing the field experience requirement for Texas teachers.

The graphic shows the progression of events which lead to full teacher certification.

The table provides more detail about the time requirements and specific requirements for the teacher preparation program.