1. What is a content TExES (Texas Examinations of Educator Standards) or Preadmission Content Test (PACT)?
In Texas, the state requires that each teacher demonstrate competency in a subject field as well as knowledge of instruction. All teacher candidates take the Texas Examinations of Educator Standards (TExES) content test and the TExES Pedagogy, and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) exam.

2. When do I take the content TExES?
Online tests are available Monday through Friday. Test dates are published on the ETS website:

3. Where can I find information about study guides for the TExES?
Free preparation materials are available at the following website:

A number of commercially available materials are available from various providers:

4. How do I register for the TExES?
Registration for the content TExES exam is available through the Educational Testing Service (ETS) website:


5. Why do I need a criminal background check?
Participation in the teaching internship or clinical teaching requires working with school-aged children. Candidates must pass a criminal background check in order to work in a school. Candidates who are unable to pass a criminal background check will be immediately dismissed from the program.

6. When can I begin applying for a teaching position?
Individuals who have been admitted to the eTeach N Texas Alternative Certification Program may begin applying to school districts immediately. Applicants should contact local school districts for applications. Copies of the following documents should be attached to each application filed with a school district:

7. What can I teach?
Public law §230.601 ties Texas teaching certificates to teaching assignments. These teaching assignments can be downloaded from the State Board for Educator Certification website at:

Candidates must complete the teaching internship as specified in public law §230.601. Candidates assigned to teaching assignments that DO NOT match the Texas teaching field on their certification plan will NOT receive credit for the teaching internship.

8. Does eTeach N Texas place me in an internship?
eTeach N Texas Alternative Certification Program does NOT place interns in school districts. It is the responsibility of the applicant to secure a teaching position in order to participate in the teaching internship.

9. Is it possible to enroll in clinical teaching instead of the teaching internship?
Applicants who are unable to secure a teaching internship or who do not desire to participate in a teaching internship may elect to participate in clinical teaching, an unpaid position in which the candidate works 12 weeks full-time in a local school district. The teacher candidate will work under the guidance of a master teacher. Contact the program office for information regarding participation and requirements for participation in clinical teaching.

10. Who can participate in clinical teaching?
Anyone who has completed the program coursework, the pre-observation field experience, and passed the TExES content test may participate in clinical teaching.

11. Will substitute teaching experience or working as a Teaching Aide exempt me from the field experience?
Substitute teaching experience or working as a teacher aide may exempt a candidate from the field experience. Contact the program office for information.

Probationary Certificate

12. What is a probationary certificate?
Candidates who are hired as the teacher of record must apply for a probationary certificate. This allows the candidate to work while they finish teacher certification requirements. The probationary certificate is issued one year at a time and the candidate must make application through the State Board for Educator Certification for a probationary certification.

13. How do I get the probationary certificate?
Candidates who have been offered a teaching position should complete the following probationary certificate application process.

  1. Go to https://secure.sbec.state.tx.us/SBECOnline/login.asp
  2. Create an SBEC Online Account
  3. Log on
  4. Click on "Applications" in the Navigation bar. Click on "Probationary Certification."
  5. Click on “Apply for Certification.” Select “eTeach N Texas (Alternative Certification).
  6. Select the correct subject and grade level (e.g., 4-8 Mathematics, 7-12 Life Science).

A Probationary Certificate is issued in approximately 4-6 weeks. After recommendation by the eTeach N Texas Alternative Certification Program, a virtual probationary certificate may be viewed online in approximately two weeks after recommendation by eTeach N Texas.

General Information

14. What are causes for dismissal from the program?

  1. The student fails any instruction course more than twice.
  2. The student cannot pass a criminal background check.
  3. The student is dismissed by the school district.
  4. The student drops out of the internship or clinical teaching.
  5. The student’s performance during the field experience is judged unacceptable by the supervisor.
  6. The student violates the Texas Code of Ethics for teachers.
  7. The student fails to make scheduled payments.
  8. The student scores below 70% on any instructional course.

Applying for Teacher Certification

15. How do I apply for Teacher Certification?
Once a candidate has satisfied all program requirements, they should apply for the standard certificate. Go to the following website to apply for the standard certificate:

Contact Information

16. Who can I meet with to talk about the eTeach N Texas Alternative Certification Program?
For more information about the eTeach N Texas Alternative Certification Program or to speak with a program advisor, please contact (903) 818-8104 or email contact@eTeachNTexas.com